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Information: Do you have an important event coming up, like say a big party or a wedding, and you are trying to find a good florist that can really take your event theme and make it sing with beautiful flower arrangements? Well, you are in luck then, because you have already found it! Welcome to Milestone Design-Floral-Décor, your number one trusted florist in Silver Spring and all the surrounding areas, and we would be absolutely delighted to show you personally just why we are considered one of the best florists in the business. We have some truly stunning floral solutions that we can offer you, and your event or wedding will be the toast of the town when Milestone Design-Floral-Décor is all finished. An event such as a wedding is pretty important, so you want to make sure that you get the best florist available to you, and that most certainly is us. Give us a call if you would like more information about Milestone Design-Floral-Décor and what we do, we are always happy to answer your questions. Call us to arrange a consultation, and let's see what Milestone Design-Floral-Décor can do for you!

Here at Milestone Design-Floral-Décor, we really love what we do. This is important since we are in the business of making people's days a bit brighter. Regardless of the kind of event you are hosting, Milestone Design-Floral-Décor can spice things up to infinity with our majestic flower arrangements. Whether you need grand wedding bouquets, or you are looking for something more simple for an event you are putting on, Milestone Design-Floral-Décor is here to deliver the goods. We love flowers, and flowers love us, so give us a call and let's put on a floral show! Learn More

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